With 2020 in full swing many people are looking to have a new kitchen fitted or simply refresh what they currently have with some stylish new features. We’ve rounded up the top trends for 2020 to provides some inspiration.

marble counters in kitchen

Stone and marble

Marble could be this year’s biggest kitchen trend and the experts are pointing to lighter shades with heavy veining as the most popular pick. Marble worktops and splashbacks create a luxurious feel, but they can come with a large price tag and do take some looking after, so it’s worth also exploring alternative materials like quartz too.

Navy hues

Shades of blue, especially deep navy, indigo and midnight blue continue to be popular into 2020. Blue cabinets, splashbacks and paint are great ways to add some blue to your kitchen, especially when paired with rustic woods and light appliances and countertops.

Reclaimed woods

If you are going down the route of wooden cabinets, reclaimed wood not only gives a beautiful rustic look, it is also a more eco-friendly option. Whether you are going custom or prefab, there are plenty of great reclaimed options now on the market.

dark kitchen design

Dark colours

Black kitchens can sound scary, but when done right they can create a chic and even cosy feel. If you opt for a kitchen with a colour palette made up of mostly black, using a combination of textures can create a more varied look. If you’re feeling less committed to the dark side, then adding black countertops or appliances is a good way to ease into the trend.

Bright pops of colour

Adding a pop of colour is a great way to stay on trend for 2020 without making too much of a commitment. Bright paint colours, seating and accessories are a non-permanent way to bring some brightness into the room.

Double islands

In 2019 we loved kitchen islands so much that in 2020 the trend is to double them! The idea behind having two kitchen islands is that it divides the area between cooking and dining, so you may have one island for prep, with another surrounded by stools for dining.

new kitchen with brass tap

Gold and brass finishings

Gold and brass add a warmth that can’t be achieved by their silver or chrome counterparts. The beauty of gold taps, handles and other finishings is that they look great with almost any colour scheme, but especially with the blues and blacks that are trendy in 2020.

Broken plan layouts

Open plan layouts have been popular over recent years, but the 2020 twist is broken plan – adding a divider to break up the space between kitchen and living areas without separating them completely.

Many homes in the UK feature a small kitchen compared to those across the pond so this style can be a little tricky, but if you want to open out your kitchen and living spaces a kitchen extension can be the perfect solution.

Larders and pantries

Larders are back but with a modern twist that makes them more realistic for many homeowners. Rather than having a walk-in larder, people are opting for large counter-top larders – extra-large cabinets or shelving enclosed within doors.

kitchen shelves

Open shelving

This trend has been popular for many years and looks set to continue. Open shelving is fantastic because not only does it offer more functional storage space, it also acts as décor – allowing you to show off beautiful antique glasses and cookware alongside items that you use regularly.


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