The kitchen is the hub of the modern home as the place where we naturally gravitate to eat and socialise as well as cook. However, many older houses, designed for a time when a kitchen was a functional space for cooking only, simply don’t provide ample room for this new use of space. And this issue is not just confined to old houses – many new build houses, constructed in an era when space is at a premium, do not have the kitchen space their owners would ideally like.

The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to remodel your kitchen space to make it a stunning focal point of your home.

Let there be light

Even the smallest and darkest of kitchens can be vastly improved with clever use of light. Flush ceiling spotlights, cleverly placed to shine light into every corner of the room are a great space-saving option. These can be very successfully paired with under-cabinet lighting for when you need a warm glow rather than bright light. Pendant lighting can work well too, but it’s best to stick to clear shade options when you are aiming to open up the space around you.

Clever storage

Clutter and too much furniture will make even the largest and lightest kitchen look cramped and chaotic. One of the first things you should do when attempting to open up your kitchen is to get rid of piles of paperwork and other excess clutter such as too many bottles and jars on the work surfaces and a glut of plants and ornaments on the windowsills. The next step is to take a good look at your furniture and get rid of any excess chairs or other furnishings that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis.

If your budget allows, working with a professional kitchen fitter to make the most of your space with well designed cabinets is ideal. Otherwise, make the most of your cabinets by adding wire baskets and plastic containers where storage is lacking, and consider using your wall space for a magnetic knife rack or a hanging drying rack.

Add bifold doors

Replacing wall space with bifold doors is a fantastic way to flood your kitchen with natural light and create a more spacious feeling by merging the indoors with outside. The benefits of bifolds are particularly felt on sunny days and balmy evenings, but the feeling of light and space they create will open up your kitchen space all year round.

Knocking down walls

If you have a small kitchen next to a little-used dining or sitting room, getting rid of an internal wall is the perfect way to create a kitchen diner. The resulting space will be far more useable, attractive and functional than two smaller rooms.

Building an extension

Adding a brand new space to your existing kitchen is the ultimate way to create your dream kitchen, particularly if you also have the budget to remodel the entire space.  Remember, it’s not just the space itself but how you use it that will truly open up your kitchen to its maximum potential. As well as features such as bifold doors and kitchen islands, you may wish to consider roof windows, kitchen pantries and using light and natural materials to give your kitchen the ultimate modern and spacious look and feel.

Extension builders in Loughborough

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