modern kitchen with skylightHaving an extension built is the perfect opportunity to create your dream kitchen, however there are plenty of decisions to make along the way to achieve the desired result. Ensuring your kitchen extension has plenty of natural light is one of the key ways to create a beautiful and functional space. Here’s five ways you can maximise light in your kitchen extension build.

Incorporate bifold or sliding doors

Bifold and sliding doors can flood a room with natural light and create a seamless transition between your kitchen and garden. This makes them a perfect choice for a kitchen extension. Both styles can be installed floor to ceiling and either slide or fold into themselves, giving you maximum light without compromising on space.

Add skylights

Skylights not only look fantastic, but they can also drastically improve the levels of light in your kitchen extension. One consideration you should make when adding an extension to your home is that you will lose an existing wall which may currently have windows. This can make it difficult to bring natural light in, but skylights are the perfect solution as they can bring light into the heart of a room.

Include feature windows

Depending on whether you choose to extend through the rear of your home, the side, or both, you may lose existing windows when creating the extension. However, rather than being a problem, this is a fantastic opportunity to add feature windows which bring in more light than their predecessors. Floor to ceiling windowpanes are an increasingly popular option. Not only do they allow in a huge amount of light, they also help to blend the transition between your kitchen and outdoor space.

Position lighting thoughtfully

Adding a kitchen extension is the perfect opportunity to position the lighting exactly where you want it. Consider early on what activities each area of your kitchen will be used for and use light accordingly. For example, adding task lighting to the space where you will be cooking will make a huge difference in visibility, whilst opting for accent lighting over an island or dining area will pull a room together beautifully.

Choose light and breezy décor

A pale colour scheme will reflect light throughout your extension, making it feel airy and bright. You can also incorporate other interior design tricks such as adding mirrors and opting for a more reflective flooring such as laminate or wood. Finally, when it comes to curtains or blinds, choosing a lightweight fabric in a pale shade will allow natural light to flow into the space whilst providing privacy.

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