Oak frame extensions add character and airy additional living space to any home. They are especially suited to period properties but provide a natural and characterful addition to all types of properties. As with any large home building project, there is a lot to consider before extending in oak, so we’ve gathered some of the key information you should know.

The benefits of extending with oak

Oak extensions can add value to your property

Building in oak will carry a slightly higher cost, but it can also yield a higher return on investment when it comes to selling a property. In general, extending your home can add value, and working with oak will give it a luxurious and elegant feel which is often favoured by home buyers.

Timeless look and character

Oak has a timeless look that works with properties of many different periods and styles. In many oak frame extension projects, homeowners choose to leave rafters and beams exposed so that the natural beauty of the oak can be enjoyed, and a traditional and warm feeling created.

Easy to tie into your property

Oak is an easy material to tie into your existing property, simply by adding oak doors or furniture. When it comes to the external look, an oak extension can be cladded with timber, brick, stone amongst other materials, so it can be seamlessly matched to your existing property and its surroundings.

Long lasting and sustainable

Most of the oak used in extensions is green oak which has recently been felled and retains moisture, making it easier to work with and requiring no chemical treatments. Once built, the extension frame will continue to dry and naturally crack over time, leaving a beautiful finish. This ‘shrinkage’ also provides a structural advantage as the frame hardens and strengthens, allowing a well built oak extension to last for over 200 years.

Oak also stands the test of sustainability, something that has become increasingly important in the decisions of homeowners looking to improve their properties.

Will you need planning permission for an oak frame extension?

Oak frame extensions must follow the same regulations and rules as all other extensions. Whilst some projects may be allowed under permitted development rights, others will require planning permission so it’s important to consult your local planning authority.

Can they be added to listed buildings?

Oak frame extensions are a natural choice for listed buildings as they naturally lend themselves to heritage style. Owners of listed buildings must apply for consent to alter or extend their property, so you should always check with your local planning authority.

What are the design options?

Thanks to the strong structure that oak can provide, there are plenty of options when it comes to the design of your extension. These include single-storey structures like conservatories and orangeries, as well as substantial double-height additions which create a huge amount of additional space to your home.

Linking the extension to your property

As with any new extension, the connection to your existing home requires careful thought – for example you may wish to have the extension fully merged to your existing property, or you may want it to stand alone, with a connecting seal or glazed link between the two. A builder can talk you through the best options for your property and your desired outcome.

Will an oak extension cost more?

Oak frame extensions will be likely to cost more than a standard extension, however they are often prized by buyers and tend to increase the value of a property more than other styles of extension. There are also many factors to consider that will affect the overall price, such as the amount of oak used, and the door and glazing options chosen. You builder can guide you through these considerations and provide a quote for your project.


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