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A lot of people are surprised that when it comes to extending your home, you can do a lot more than putting up a garden shed or summer house without planning permission.

In fact, as long as you stay within certain limits, you can usually build a house extension without planning permission to increase your permanent living space.

We’re proud to be among the first extension builders Loughborough residents call when they need more room, so we stay on top of the rules and regulations in this area and can help you to understand what you can and can’t build.

What is planning permission?

Many new buildings or major changes to existing buildings need consent in the form of planning permission. Essentially, this means submitting an application for the work, which is then reviewed by your local planning authority who will decide if permission should be granted. Whilst many building projects do require planning permission, not all house extensions do.

How big can my extension be before I need planning permission?

There are different limits on the size of a house extension without planning permission, which depend on specific restrictions and conditions. If you exceed these, then it’s likely that you will need to apply for planning permission.

Just some examples of these conditions and limitations for all types of extensions include:

  • Extensions cannot be higher than the highest part of the existing roof; or higher at the eaves than the existing eaves.
  • The materials used in any exterior work must be of a similar appearance to those on the exterior of the existing house.
  • Extension cannot be built forward of the ‘principal elevation’ or, where it fronts a highway, the ‘side elevation’.

There are also different criteria when it comes to side, single storey and multiple story extensions. The above examples also only apply to houses, with different rules applying to flats and maisonettes, areas where there may be a planning condition and other buildings.

In general, all extensions should aim to match the appearance of the original property, with sympathetic choice of materials, similar roof shape and pitch, and so on. When it comes to needing planning permission though, the specific details matter, so it’s worth looking into the rules around the kind of extension you would like to build.

We recommend visiting the official Planning Portal website which provides full details and explanations.

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