The past year has seen a huge change in the way we live in our homes with space becoming a premium. A home extension is the perfect way to create more space and an ideal opportunity to design it to function the way you need it to. Here’s our take on the top design trends for extensions in 2021.

Home offices

2020 may have changed the way we work forever, with many companies either closing offices entirely or taking a more flexible approach to working from home. This has made the home office an essential feature for many homeowners. However, not everyone has the existing space to create a functional workspace. A home extension or loft conversion may be the perfect solution. Created with this purpose in mind, the space can be designed to bring in natural light, provide a professional setting for all those Zoom meetings and of course create a separation between work and home.

Broken plan living

When it comes to extending your home, you will want to consider if you intend to make existing rooms bigger or add additional ones. An alternative approach is broken plan living. The term refers to breaking down existing walls (or in this case extending) to create larger, multi-functional living spaces which are divided with elements like wide doorways, glass partitions and half walls. In a world where many of us are now using our homes more frequently for work, exercise and entertaining, this can be a great way to make the most of your space.

Roof windows

Now more than ever homeowners are looking to enhance the natural light in their properties and the use of windows should be considered thoroughly when planning an extension. Roof windows and skylights are ideal as they allow for plenty of privacy whilst letting in the sunshine to create a light and airy space.

Kitchen pantries

A huge trend in 2020, the kitchen pantry appears to be a trend set to stay. Many families spending more time socialising and eating at home paired with a trend in shoppers stocking up and taking less trips to the supermarket means kitchen storage is in great demand. A pantry is the perfect solution and a kitchen extension is the perfect opportunity to have one installed. Built-in floor to ceiling pantries can be hidden behind sliding doors, archways or even turned into a kitchen feature with glass panelling.

Natural materials

The use of natural and sustainable materials like timber and stone has become increasingly popular over recent years. This is set to be a trend that will stand the test of time and pair well with a huge variety of décor trends. One way to achieve this with a home extension is to include exposed beams in the design. You may also want to consider the use of sustainable woods in your kitchen counters, furniture and window/door frames.

Extension builders Loughborough

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