The opportunity to let light in and create a flow between indoors and outdoors with modern doors is one of the top features people put on their wish list when planning a kitchen extension. However, when choosing extension doors for your newly extended space, it’s important to make sure you consider what type of door will work best in your kitchen.

Extension with bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are among the most requested features for kitchen extensions, due to the wow factor of being able to open them to expose an entire wall of your house to the outside world. Not only is this perfect for summer days spent in the garden, it also creates a light and air-filled atmosphere inside, blurring the lines between your kitchen and your garden.

Bi-fold doors are suitable for large and small areas, however it’s important to consider whether your kitchen has enough space for the panels to be easily stacked to one side, concertina-style when the doors are open. If not, the space-enhancing benefits can be lost, so it would be better to opt for the doors to open towards the outside, again allowing for space. Bi-folds work best when the area they are opening out onto is on a similar level to the kitchen and ideally, they will open out onto a seating area which catches the sun at a time you will be most likely to use it, whether that’s for a morning coffee or an evening aperitif.

Take time to consider where the handle to your bi-folds should be best placed for ease of opening and at which side it’s best for the opened panels to be stacked. As well as at either end of the doors for a single opening, you can opt for a middle opening which creates double doors which you can open fully or partially. Wherever you place your door handle, one of the major benefits of bi-fold doors is being able to use the handled panel as a traffic door without having to open the rest of the panels when you are moving in and out of your garden.

Sliding doors

Whether they are opened or closed, with their pure glass panels, sliding doors provide the ultimate uninterrupted view of the outside world, making them the perfect option to enjoy the view, without the interference of the large number of frames that bi-folds have. Although sliding doors do not fully open in the same way as bi-folds, they still create a wonderful sense of space between the garden and the kitchen. Not only that, they are often a better choice for a stunning yet simple look in a smaller space. When choosing sliding doors, it’s important to pick an option with a user-friendly sliding mechanism as there is no option for an easy-to-open traffic door.

French doors

French doors are a kitchen extension classic and with good reason. Not only do they function as large windows, allowing light to flood your kitchen, they are an extremely practical option, as they are very easy to open and close when quick access in and out of the garden is required.

French doors are a great choice for smaller kitchens where bi-folds or sliding doors won’t work, but they are by no means limited to small spaces. Indeed, they can be a great option for people who want to create a cosy kitchen feel, while still letting the light in. Because they open outwards on a hinge, they are usually a great space-saving solution.

Pivot doors

Pivot doors, which open by rotating around a pivot at the top and bottom of the door leaf instead of with hinges, create a fantastic style statement for your kitchen extension, providing a clear view of the outside through a single pane of glass. While the aesthetics in terms of light and connecting to your outside space are unrivalled, these doors may not be suitable for locations which are likely to be exposed to heavy rain and harsh winds and an outside catch may be necessary to stop the door swinging in the wind. Also, the mechanism may not be suitable for children to use, and ample space is needed for the pivot mechanism. However, in the right circumstances, pivot doors bring the ultimate in cutting edge style to your kitchen extension.

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