A loft conversion is the perfect way to create an extra room in your home without the need to extend it, but do you need planning permission?

Loft conversions often don’t require planning permission as they are considered to be permitted development, however, this is subject to following certain limits and conditions. With this is mind it’s important to research if your loft conversion project will require planning permission to ensure you are fully compliant.

Starting this research early on in the planning process is key as if you do require planning permission as it can take a long time to get approval. The best route is to speak to an experienced builder who can advise you professionally.

What is planning permission?

Many new buildings or major changes to existing buildings need consent in the form of planning permission. Essentially, this means submitting an application for the work, which is then reviewed by your local planning authority who will decide if permission should be granted. Whilst many building projects do require planning permission, not all conversions and extensions do.

What is permitted development?

Permitted development rights allow the improvement or extension of homes without the need to apply for planning permission, where that would be out of proportion with the impact of the works carried out.

Consider building regulations too

Regardless of whether your loft conversion needs planning permission, it must still comply with building regulations.

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