Home extension cost is a big part in deciding what type of extension to have built. There are many different factors that will influence the total cost of a home extension, which also means there are options for a wide range of different budgets. At Abell Building Services we offer free no-obligation estimates, giving you a good idea of the cost of extension builders Loughborough residents can expect to pay. But even before you request a quote, our home extension cost checklist below can help you to decide exactly what you want and understand the effect it might have on the price.


One storey or two?

Many people choose a one-storey extension because they think it is a good way to save money on the total cost of a home extension. While a one-storey extension will inevitably cost less, a two-storey extension can actually offer better value. In either case, you need to lay foundations and a roof. But to add a second storey you just need to build the walls higher and add the floor joists for the upper level. Because of this, the cost per square metre for two storeys can be not much more than for a single storey, and it’s worth considering whether your budget can accommodate both.


Basic costs checklist

Tallying up the basic costs of a project can give you a base price so you know what kind of ballpark figure to expect when comparing quotes from builders. Some factors that can affect the total price of a home extension include:

  • Soil type (and the foundations it can support).
  • Total size (larger extensions often cost less per square metre).
  • Glazing (more windows can add to the cost).
  • Intended use (including estimated cost of interior fitout).
  • Location (extensions can cost more depending on where you live).

We are always happy to provide a no-obligation quote for property extensions in the area, so that you can get the confidence you need on the cost of extension builders Loughborough and Leicestershire residents need to take into account when budgeting.


Ways to build

There are several ways to proceed with a home extension that can affect the cost. We are happy to work with you to decide on this, whether you want us to build the exterior walls and leave the fitout to you, or you’d like us to take care of any kitchen and bathroom fitting as well. If you’re experienced at decorating interiors, the DIY route can save money on the total cost of the project. But remember that a good standard of finish will add the most value (more on that below). Alternatively for the least amount of stress, put your trust in us to manage your extension project from start to finish, and join the many other happy customers who have received the comfortable and high standard of living space they were hoping for.


Calculating VAT

Make sure you know if the quotes you receive from tradesmen include VAT or not. Individual tradesmen might not be VAT-registered but that doesn’t mean they will be cheaper. While those tradespeople should not charge you VAT on their labour, you will have to pay the VAT on any materials used. In contrast when you use VAT-registered builders, the initial price quoted should take everything into account. Try to spot any other costs that might not have been factored into your initial price estimate, for example piling work that might be needed to install strong foundations for your extension. In any building project it is possible for unforeseen circumstances to arise that mean extra work is needed. However, by working with reputable and experienced builders, you know that the price quoted at the outset is more likely to be accurate in the end.


Added value

The money you spend on a home extension is not lost. You gain extra living space and the added comfort that brings, but you also add value to your property too. When it comes time to sell, you’ll often find the increased asking price of your home more than covers the money you spent on extending it. In the final calculations, remember to take that into account, especially if you are planning to remortgage as you could release that equity or get a better LTV ratio in the process. Also think about how long you plan to stay in your home after your extension is completed. Building a two-storey extension could give you space for a spare bedroom and/or an extra bathroom – both of which can allow you to live comfortably for longer if your family is still growing.

Ultimately the real value of a home extension is not the money you spend on it or the value it adds to your property’s asking price, but the comfort and enjoyment you get from living in that space once it is completed.


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