Loft Conversions

You might not need to build an extension on your house in order to increase your living space – loft conversions can add an extra bedroom, increase your easily accessible storage space or simply create a snug where you can hide away to watch a movie or listen to music.

Often loft conversions can add substantially to your living space without altering the footprint of your house, and may be big enough not only for a spacious master bedroom, but to add an en suite too.

Even smaller loft spaces can still be made much more accessible with solid floors and decorated walls, making them feel much more like a usable part of your property, and not just a neglected space hidden behind a hatch in the ceiling.

Like any major building alterations, loft conversions need careful planning to get the best end result, and Abell’s renovation experts are here to help from design through to delivery.

Rely on our renovation experts

As a respected local Loughborough renovation company, Abell Building Services provides an experienced workforce of reputable builders and renovation experts who will make sure to do the job right first time.

This is especially important in loft conversions, as there may be extra work to do to make the floors safe and able to take the weight of people and furniture, and consideration must also be given to insulating the space so it is snug and warm when finished.

We can also help you decide on the best access options for your converted loft space, as installing a proper staircase is much better where possible than just relying on a ladder from the upstairs landing as you may have done in the past.

Our strong track record of delivering loft conversions, home renovations and building alterations on properties in and around the Loughborough area means that our renovation experts know the potential pitfalls to look out for, and can help to steer you around them so they do not become a problem at all.

Home renovation estimates with no hidden costs

However much work is required to convert your loft into habitable space or properly boarded-out storage space, we will always do our best to provide you with full and accurate home renovation estimates upfront, so that you know exactly how much it will cost in materials and labour.

We employ the best house builders and home renovation contractors in Loughborough’s local workforce so that every project we work on is finished to the highest possible standards, and our past customer testimonials speak for themselves.

If you are struggling to get a straight answer from other building contractors, give us a call. You don’t need to know exactly what work you want carrying out, but our home renovation quotes can be even more precise if you are able to give us a good idea of what needs doing to convert your loft and install good access to it.

Contact our Loughborough loft conversion contractors

We welcome all calls to our team of local Loughborough loft conversion contractors, whether it’s an initial enquiry or you feel ready to proceed with the work.

Our Loughborough landline number is 01509 734550 for local calls, or you can contact our mobile number on 07971 777737 if you prefer – we’ll answer direct calls to either number and are always happy to hear from prospective or existing customers.

For past customer testimonials and five-star ratings, visit our Facebook page at Abell Building Services Ltd, or for any written enquiries you can fill in our online contact form and we will reply to any questions as soon as possible.