With a track record of delivering the highest standards on the different kinds of bathroom renovation Loughborough residents carry out in their homes, Abell Building Services know every trick in the book when it comes to saving space in the bathroom. Here are five of our top tips so whether your room is large, small or irregularly shaped, you can get the best use out of the space you have available during your next bathroom renovation.

1. Careful planning

The more time you spend planning the layout of your bathroom, the more likely it is to fit well. If you’re tech-savvy, use a computer to mock up your layout. If not, use squared paper and cut out pieces to scale for your bath, toilet, sink and so on. You might be surprised by how well the sink fits alongside the door, or the toilet fits into a nook you expected to be waste space – and even if not, you can still try different arrangements and spot any potential problems more easily.

2. Slimline sinks

There are some very stylish slimline sinks available nowadays. Many are designed for small en suite bathrooms but make great space-saving additions to compact family bathrooms too. Give some thought to the type of taps you want on your sink too. A movable mixer tap gives you more versatility so you can push it out of your way when you want to splash your face directly from the basin.

3. Baths and showers

Showers naturally require less floor space because they stand vertically instead of horizontally, but in the past we’ve often found that when planning a bathroom renovation Loughborough households want a bath. Take a look at some of the less common shapes of bath. Corner baths can make excellent use of space in square bathrooms and may fit alongside a window more easily. A relatively recent innovation are P-shaped and L-shaped baths, which are wider at one end usually so that a shower can go there, and again can make great use of unusually shaped bathrooms.

4. Go vertical

Depending on your ceiling height, you could vastly increase your bathroom space by thinking in three dimensions. You can get very tall narrow units that fit well alongside shower cubicles, where their height will not look odd alongside the shower panel. A high shelf can be good for spare towels too, as long as it’s not in a place where you might bump your head – literally keeping them high and dry, and away from any splashes until it’s their turn to be used.

5. Smart storage

Even a small amount of storage space gives you somewhere to put cleaning products, spare toilet rolls and so on, so be sure to fit some cabinets as finishing touches. In a small bathroom, make good use of any nooks and crannies, for example by getting an under-sink storage unit. These can create the illusion of more space as they hide the basin pedestal, but can still give you enough room inside for several bottles of shampoo, shower gel, spare toothpaste etc.

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