The kitchen is the most exciting room to refurbish and redecorate – it is after all the hub of the home. We’ve rounded up 5 of this year’s most popular kitchen design trends to inspire your kitchen refurb and help you out when it comes to discussing the design with your kitchen fitter.

1.   Green colour schemes

Whether it’s in the form of tiles, cabinetry, wall paint or accents, green has been emerging as an extremely popular colour choice for kitchens this year. Deep forest and emerald greens have been especially sought-after and can create a dramatic and luxurious result. Pairing these shades with lighter neutral tones allows for a balanced finish and creates more light in the space.

2.  Hidden storage

Making the most of storage space is essential in any kitchen and this trend also tucks it away neatly out of sight. One of the biggest hidden storage game changers is bins which are built into cupboards – even including separated compartments for recycling. Making the most of shelf and cupboard space has also become a priority in many kitchen designs, with sliding shelf covers covering up clutter and secret second drawers offering room for smaller utensils.

3.  Kitchen islands

A kitchen island creates an additional surface space to prepare food or sit and dine, providing double the functionality of a typical dining table or kitchen surface in the same space. It can also provide plenty of additional storage cabinets, drawers or shelves. Whilst you may picture the huge kitchen islands in American TV kitchens, there are plenty of smaller versions which are perfectly suited to smaller spaces.

4.  Broken plan layouts

Open plan layouts have been incredibly popular for the last few years, but we are now seeing the rise of broken plan layouts. These create a more defined space by using freestanding shelves, counters or breakfast bars to divide up a larger room. This can create a more separated feel between rooms without the need to put up an actual wall.

5.  Natural and organic materials

Chunky wooden worktops and natural finishes on cabinets have been growing in popularity and are set to stay. Natural materials have also made appearances in other forms including stone sinks, leather cabinet pulls and wicker accessories. These natural materials can be paired with bold patterns and pops of colour to create a modern look.

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